Woash Coastal Tea Steeper



Sipping coastal ensures you get every last nourishing benefit from your favourite tea. 

Woash Wellness custom single mug tea strainer keeps the steam inside your mug while steeping, ensuring no natural benefits escape during the hot water extraction process. 


Single mug loose-leaf tea strainer with lid.


How to make the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea:

  1. Heat water to the specified temperature (see chart above)
  2. Scoop two teaspoons of loose-leaf tea into tea strainer
  3. Pour hot water over loose-leaf tea leaves
  4. Cover and steep tea for specified time (see chart above)
  5. Remove tea strainer
  6. Sip and enjoy the natural herbal benefits of any of WOASH’s therapeutic tea blends

How Long To Steep Tea:

Alright, here we go, the Woash Wellness how-to guide to making the perfect cup of tea. By using this guide to steep your favourite variety of tea you will be maximizing the therapeutic benefits and perfecting the taste in each cup.

How Long To Steep Tea - Steep Time Chart For Each Tea - Woash Wellness

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