Agata Bienias Kalosophie Owner and Founder with her Daughter Cassia Rose

Female Led + Family Operated

As a Beauty Executive I have been honoured to have crafted enduring love affairs between beauty brands and their markets through my agency KALOSOPHIE CONSULTING, a full-service public relations, branding, distribution, and sales management firm specializing in life's essential luxuries. Now, with the help of my Mother Danuta and daughter Cassia Rose, I am honoured to share with you some of my most beloved and life-changing products in this carefully curated beauty space.


Agata Bienias ~ Owner & CEO



Conscious & Mindful beauty and lifestyle image Kalosophie Mission Statement


We talk about toxins in our products - but what about the toxins we create with our thoughts, our moods? Not only are our offerings crafted with non-toxic, mindful ingredients but the joyful molecules of emotion they induce are just as good - if not even better for you! The result: beauty truly from the inside out.

At Kalosophie we are honoured to share with you a thoughtfully curated collection of our favourite eco-conscious beauty and lifestyle essentials from socially responsible independent brands focusing on luxurious scents and textures. All of these little luxuries have been carefully chosen by us to indulge your senses and to fill your life with love and joy. We invite you to join us in incorporating them into your daily rituals!