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We talk about toxins in our products - but what about the toxins we create with our thoughts, our moods? Not only are our offerings crafted with non-toxic, pure ingredients, but the joyful molecules of emotion they induce is just as good - if not even better for you! The result: beauty truly from the inside out.


L O V E D .
C O V E T E D .
L I F E - C H A N G I N G .
The most successful brands all share these attributes. We have been honoured to have crafted enduring love affairs between beauty brands and their markets through our agency KALOSOPHIE CONSULTING, a full-service branding, marketing, distributing, sales management and public relations firm specializing in life's essential luxuries. Best friends since high school, as our friendship has evolved so has our business - we are now honoured to share some of our favourite life-changing, loved and coveted wellness and grooming products with you here in our digital showroom.


The Downtown Eastside

I am you and we are we. In our hometown of Vancouver, Canada, some of the most desperate living conditions negatively affect the lives of children, women and men. We believe in the interconnectedness of us all, that when each of us thrives we all thrive. KALOSOPHIE gives 1% of its proceeds to several local organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

Aromatherapy Bundle

MIFA and Co. Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Bundle

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Ulili Moroccan Scents Diffuser Oum Rabie { أم الربيع }