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We talk about toxins in our products - but what about the toxins we create with our thoughts, our moods? Not only are our beauty and lifestyle offerings crafted with non-toxic, mindfully sourced ingredients and materials but the joyful molecules of emotion they induce are just as good - if not even better for you! The result: beauty truly from the inside out.

A Family Affair

Female Led & Operated

As a Beauty Executive I have been honoured to have crafted enduring love affairs between beauty brands and their markets through my agency KALOSOPHIE CONSULTING, a full-service public relations, branding, distribution, and sales management firm specializing in life's essential luxuries. Now, with the help of my mother Danuta and daughter Cassia Rose, I am honoured to share with you some of our beloved and life-changing products in this carefully curated beauty space.


Agata Bienias ~ Owner & CEO

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KALOSOPHIE is always looking for unique distribution partners that align with our values so all Canadians have access to the most coveted and life-changing products from around the globe! If you are a prestige independent brand looking for a distribution partner to cultivate and grow your brand in our region, a retailer who would like to experience our offerings, or a customer looking to find a stockist near you, please fill out the short form HERE and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.

Current Partnerships:


Collections: Joy, Love, Calm, Peace


Collections: The CandlesThe Diffusing HandsThe Soaps


Collections: Shower Caps, Hair Towels, Sleep Masks

Elle Canada East 29th Valia Cleanser at Kalosophie Canadian Clean BeautyElle Canada East 29th Valia Cleanser at Kalosophie Canadian Clean Beauty