well kept Shave Oil


Turn shaving into a beauty ritual with well kept's almond based shave oil!

Paired with well kept’s safety razor this skincare essential provides a smooth shave and hydrates your skin simultaneously. Added argan oil, vitamin e and rosemary essential oil reduce skin irritation and help with moisture retention.


Pssst...this product is fantastic as a bath or body oil as well!


Apply directly to damp skin and shave as usual. Rinse razor blade thoroughly to remove oil buildup.

Use with your well kept safety razor and learn more tips and tricks here:

how to assemble a safety razor
how to shave with a safety razor


well kept about us
We’ve been friends for ages, and a few years ago were both adjusting the products we use and consume trying to align them with our values. We were looking for simple products, with natural ingredients and appealing aesthetics and got stuck on not being able to find an alternative for plastic, baby blue razors. After a lot of research and product testing, we decided to create well kept to provide a superior, more sustainable alternative for women’s shaving.

We want to create a space where women can not only give themselves the time to enjoy shaving with natural, sustainable, quality products, but also to speak openly about – leg hair, armpit hair, ‘self-care’ myths, plastic waste, cosmetic industry ingredients – things that don’t always meet the norms of the beauty industry.

Creating a community has been one of the most rewarding parts of this process – welcome to our community!

Emilie & Natalie

Vancouver, Canada

almond oil, argan oil, vitamin e and rosemary essential oil

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