Moisturize, Strengthen and Detoxify Hair and skin 

Vitamins C and Aloe Vera protect, strengthen and detoxify hair and skin; Rosehip nourishes hair and helps in maintaining skin and scalp equilibrium. Grape seed oil provides the essential fatty acids that the skin needs and adds moisture and shine to hair without weighing it down. The powerful antioxidants in grape seed oil are anti- inflammatory and anti- bacterial agents and will keep the skin and hair looking youthful and healthy.

Detangle and Protect Hair

Can be added to hair as a detangler and rinsed out.  May also be left in dry or chemically processed hair to help protect against heat styling and blow-drying or to enhance curl. 

Other Fun Benefits   

Shaving:  Wonderful for shaving anywhere - face, legs, armpits. 
Personalization WORLD Essential Oil Blends can be added to create a personal scent.*
Make-up remover:Perfect for removing make-up, gentle and non-irritating.  
*Scenting products with  Essential Oil Blends not recommended for use on colour-treated hair.