Nourish, Calm & Protect Hair and Skin

Panthenol, Aloe and Hemp Seed Extract moisturize and soothe skin.

Enhance Strength and Shine, Promote Hair Growth  

Rooibos leaf extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that eliminates the free radicals that damage hair and skin cells that contribute to aging.  Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract contains one of the highest concentrations of full spectrum omega fatty acids, which help promote hair growth through increased blood circulation in the scalp. The lipids add shine and elasticity to hair and reduce inflammation and irritation to skin. Proteins in this extract increase hair strength and vibrancy.

Other Fun Benefits:

Shaving:  Wonderful for shaving anywhere - face, legs, armpits.
Personalization:  WORLD Essential Oil Blends can be added to create a personalized scent. 
Make-up remover: Perfect for removing any make-up, gentle and non-irritating. 
*Scenting products with  Essential Oil Blends not recommended for use on colour-treated hair.