Collection name: The Diffusing Hands


The Emblems
Illustrate the universe of each perfume. They are inspired by the illustrations of "Ronda", a traditional Spanish card game which is very popular in Morocco. For example, the hand of Musk E'lil is surrounded by a first emblem which represents the tiling of the riad in the medina of Fez. The second one is the crescent moon. It recalls the jasmine scent during the evening.


The Screenprinted Hands
Are illustrated by the artist Zineb Benjelloun. The artworks of the hands are directly inspired from the "Hand of Fatma" and the Mudras, the symbolic gestures of Mudras belong to Hinduist rituals and statuary. 
This ancestral symbol is believed to attract a flow of spiritual blessing and grace. Just as the hand of Fatma offers its protection, Ulili's Diffusing Hand infuses positive energy through it's ceramics, illustrations, and scents.


The Ceramics
Are produced in Tangier. Each piece requires 3 oven firings and a multiple hand manipulations (pouring, lacquering, screen printing ...)


Diffusion Length: 6 weeks

The Diffusing Hands are available in 3 fragrances: Oum Rabie, Musk E'lil, and Tazarine. 


May produce an allergic reaction. Do not put the sticks on an unprotected surface. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.