Dale Adams Segal

“Story allows us to access the sanctuary of our lives.”

Dale Adams Segal has been a mentor to many. She writes poetry, story, and sacred musings, and is the Founder of The Hour Stories.

Writing and sharing the meaningful word has always been  quintessential to her life. She has written, performed, and produced award winning children’s television in Canada and the USA; taught acting, acted, directed and produced both theatre and opera in the US and Canada. For the last twenty-five years she has been facilitating healing and peacemaking  through “storying” in North America and in Israel. She has worked with  hundreds of writers, has worked with published authors and unpublished  ones too, and has facilitated through narrative, the joy of healing body, mind and soul. 

Appreciating the redemptive power of story, she authored and published her first book in 2001, The Hour Stories, An Inspirational Technique for  Writing. Dale is presently working on three more books: one about the Sacred; a twenty-six year collection of love poems to Zelik, her husband; and an epic novel of fiction, The Gobelin’s Secret.