I am really excited to share this with you, as it’s personal: my *ahem* *ifIdosaysomyself* gorgeous personal dentist recently launched a line of non-toxic toothpaste! Read on to learn more about why I love him so much (and why I - I mean my daughter - no longer fear trips to the dentist):

My dentist, Dr. Sean (as his patients love to call him) opened his Vancouver-based dental clinic after working for more than a decade with patients in Vancouver's most down and out neighbourhood, the Lower East Side.

In terms of dental problems, he’s really seen it all! Visiting the dentist is frightening for many people, and can be especially hard for those living with poverty or illness (and also for young kids!). Treating so many low-income patients solidified his deep need to provide respectful and non-judgmental dental services, and he is proud to help people find better dental health no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

Searching for a holistic toothpaste that was both non-toxic and preventative, Sean found a new hole that he wanted to fill (so punny). Joining forces with a local pharmacist he developed the perfect blend of clean and effective ingredients, and the result is a toothpaste that his patients couldn’t get enough of: totally free from harmful ingredients like sulfates, fillers, binders and preservatives and packaged in a 100% biodegradable tube. I love this, because I love a clean conscience as much as I love a clean mouth...

Today, House of Teeth Apothecary Toothpastes offers a range of pastes safe for every mouth. Even your pets!

A cultivated fine artist, he is also one of a select few dentists in his region with training to offer cast gold restorations. His artistry can be found in everything from gold grills to star shaped fillings. I kind of want him to give me an A on my back molar - should I?

You can learn more about his practice by visiting: www.houseofteeth.com and more about the products by visiting:  




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