Kalosophie Knows Lauren Kurtz ~ Founder of EVAN BEAU Cosmetics

Our beauty bff launched her first ever makeup and skincare line and we couldn't be more proud!

Lauren Kurtz, makeup artist and mama in Toronto - and close friend of Agata and I - has finally launched her minimal beauty line with purpose.

Our cells naturally age, so rather than trying in vain to prevent the natural biological process, could a more productive, effective aim be to enhance the longevity and health of skin cells to maintain equilibrium and harmony?

Introducing Evan Beau Cosmetics, inspired by the immortal intelligence within our own skin.

Evan Beau Cosmetics Conscious Beauty Intelligent Skincare

Named for founder and Canadian make-up artist Lauren Kurtz’s first born child, Evan Beau synergizes ancient and botanical wisdom with 21st century technology for a conscientious collection offering care and recovery from exposure to our contemporary environment. The brand recognizes the mechanism of intelligence within all cell life, as well as the individual cells and the journey each takes throughout its life-span.

The Essential Regenerating Day and Essential Regenerating Night Serum compositions utilize the power of a liposomal delivery system to direct effective botanical derivatives such as potent antioxidant micro-algae, lipo-plumping Adipofill’in, Vitamins B3 and stable Vitamin C, restorative peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 and ‘no-tox-faux-tox’ Acetyl Hexapeptide 8. The gotu-kola and Damascus rose infused light coverage Ethereal Foundations in their patented glass airless pump packaging ensure the purity and longevity of its contents.

The result: highly supportive skincare for our contemporary environment. This is conscious beauty.

Evan Beau’s naturally-derived, botanically-rich skincare and tinted foundations are carefully produced in both Canada and the USA without controversial ingredients such as animal ingredients, fillers, toxins, fragrances and synthetic preservatives.


Lauren Kurtz Evan Beau Cosmetics Founder Cocscious Beauty Intelligent Skincare 

It may seem like anthropology and beauty are polar opposites, but beauty has everything to do with the eye of its beholder - their learned set of values and beliefs. I have always had a love of makeup and skincare, for me they made my world feel limitless and creative. I knew that somehow it was my vehicle to make life as beautiful for others.

I took my first course at the age of 16, and continued to train as a makeup artist while I undertook a degree in another passion--anthropology; I was and still am fascinated with our ancient human origins, who and why we ‘are’.Beauty to me today is being part of an evolution in natural, intelligent botanicals that function in harmony with the skin and with our own consciousness, as well as our inherent sense of value and wellness.I consider myself to be a beauty activist, contributing to positive change since 2007 through my role as a permanent makeup artist - and in 2016 I was still searching and trying to find natural adjuncts to these services.

Working with renowned cosmetic surgeons gave me insight into technological solutions, and advances in the world of physical beauty. I decided to create and launch a skincare and cosmetics line that combined my values of wellness and connection with innovative science, and in 2019 Evan Beau Cosmetics was born. I named it after my first born son, one of my now two children who remind me everyday how important it is to be as conscious and aware as possible, and how incredibly wise and perfect the body is.

As a makeup artist, I love enhancing someone’s innate beauty, and seeing themselves when they look in the mirror. This to me is simply a revolution, a returning to what is, one’s beauty from within, inextricably linked to our goodness. I am honoured to share this creation with you, and proud to create a community of consumers making a difference in the world we live in.

XX ~ Lauren 

$1 of each and every product sold will be donated to One Body Village Canada, active front line fighters rescuing and supporting the child victims of what should not even be considered an industry: child trafficking. onebodyvillagecanada.org


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