LOUVELLE Riva Hair Towel Wrap Monochrome Stripe


Hair is most fragile when wet!

The LOUVELLE Shower Wear RIVA Hair Towel Wraps dry your hair in half the time than a regular towel! Minimize blow dry time to protect hair from heat damage. This luxury microfibre towel is gentle on delicate hair fibres, to minimize friction and frizz and as easy to put on as a regular towel.  

• One size fits all

• Keeps hair off face when applying makeup

• Lightweight fabric and button closure stays put

• Exclusive designer prints

  1. Squeeze excess water
  2. Flip hair over
  3. Put turban on (button at nape of neck, loop at front of head) and wrap
  4. Secure at back with button



One of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and adored by Beauty Editors around the globe, Australian-bombshell brand LOUVELLE is a gorgeous collection of luxury shower and sleepwear that will transform your daily bathing ritual into one of indulgence.

Looking for something that would protect her fine blonde hair wile showering, Founder Simone Taylor re-designed the shower cap in 2014. Instantly beloved by the media, her cap became a cult item and she quickly expanded into a range of chic beauty accessories.

LOUVELLE's designs are patented and inspired by the timeless nature of headscarves and turbans, harking back to the days of vintage Hollywood glamour when the art of primping at the vanity table was done with care and style.


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