Happy Biodegradable Charcoal Toothbrush

$5 $7.50

Why are Happy toothbrushes so special?

Happy took waste from wheat production and up-cycled it to create this awesome biodegradable handle! Then they infused their super slip, super soft bristles with activated charcoal for a naturally detoxifying and mess free clean.


3 shades available. Colour may vary. This products is biodegradable.


What Makes these Happy products stand out?

They are Safe, Kind, and Inclusive.


Activated charcoal is a natural way to whiten teeth. It also helps prevent bad breath, cavities and gum disease. Happy toothbrushes offer a mess free way to clean teeth without the harsh abrasion of powders.


The Happy handle is kind to the Earth. It is up-cycled from plant-based materials salvaged from waste from wheat production. It's also biodegradable.


Priced just so to make it a sustainable choice for Everyone.



Activated charcoal is a natural way to whiten teeth without the harsh abrasion of powders. It also helps prevent bad breath, cavities and gum disease. The super slim, super fine bristles work hard to get into the hard to reach areas for a great clean while remaining gentle. Made from plant-based waste from wheat production, the discards are then used to create the sleek and smooth handles. 


    Please note: The colour you receive may vary from the image shown.

    Beauty from within...

    Jennifer Uy was inspired by her grandmother's daily rituals and founded and developed Happy products as a means of respecting the art and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) while bringing in today's technology to produce a professional grade facial rolling experience. You can see her story and how to successfully use her facial tools in her interview with Andrea Donsky below (did you know she was an opera singer in a former life?):


    Or skip to your favourite sections or specific questions by using the following links:

    00:34 What is a jade roller 1:26 What is it used for and what are the benefits 2:29 How to use it 6:50 How to reduce wrinkles 7:13 How long and when should we use it 8:52 How much do they cost 9:20 What should we look for when it comes to quality 12:34 What are the benefits of genuine stone 14:23 How to clean your jade roller 15:50 Just to listen to Jennifer's beautiful voice!

    Key Features:

    • Charcoal Infused Bristles
    • Handle made from wheat
    • Biodegradable
    • Super slim bristles
    • Super soft bristles
    • Suitable for sensitive gums
    • Antibacterial
    • BPA Free
    • Minimally packaged

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