Omnivos Chakra Tuning Fork Set




According to many eastern traditions, Chakras like acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow through our body. This energy vitalizes all aspects of our being.

Each of the seven major chakras has several different attributes including a particular frequency. Working with the chakras can harmonize the physical body which in turn can bring about higher states of awareness. The Chakra Tuning Fork Set contains a set of 7 unweighted tuning forks used around the energetic body for balancing the energy centres of the body.



Root: 194.18hz
Throat: 141.27hz
Sacral: 210.42hz 3rd
Eye: 221.23hz
Solar Plexus: 126.22hz
Crown: 172.06hz 

Heart: 136.10hz


8 Tuning Forks + Velvet Case

Sound therapy is a method of applying sound waves to facilitate positive change in the energetic and physical body, while guiding it back to a healthy vibration.

Exposure to sound waves can improve moods, reduce pain and facilitate healing.

More and more research is showing that people exposed to intentionally created sound report lowered stress levels, reduction in pain, less anxiety, tension, anger, and feelings of sadness. 

Sound healing can include listening to positively charged music, solfeggio tuned music and tones, and exposure to sound waves produced by specific instruments. It can also include chanting or listening to intentional words - mantra - as well as guided meditations and affirmations.

Try incorporating tuning forks, singing bowls, and music into your daily routine.

Anyone starting out with tuning forks can be easily confused by the terminology and various types of forks available. This introductory video from Omnivos Therapeutics will get you started. It answers some of your basic questions on selecting a tuning fork for sound therapy.


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