Omnivos Body Tuners Tuning Fork Set



The Body Tuners Tuning Fork Set is excellent for those who may be feeling out of balance due to daily stress by helping to balance the nervous system for enhanced life performance.  In just a short time (usually 30-60 seconds), these forks can help you to feel calm and relaxed.


2 tuning forks tuned to the notes of C an G (C256Hz and G384Hz) with case. 

The Body Tuners set contains two tuning forks tuned to the notes of C an G (C256Hz and G384Hz). Known in musical terms as the perfect fifth or perfect interval, these two notes have also been called the Shiva and Shakti or Yin and Yang which represent balance and harmony of all aspects of your being. 

The Body Tuners are perfect for those who are beginning to explore sound therapy. They are inexpensive, easy to use, light weight and portable. Use them at work to help reduce stress, by your night table for a more relaxing sleep or in the morning to set your day. If you meditate or practice yoga, use this set to begin and end your practice.


The Body Tuners are part of the Solar Harmonic Spectrum set, a set your should consider if you anticipate exploring sound therapy further. The C & G tuners have been shown to stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide, an important and natural molecule for maintaining good health.

 Here is a video on how to use un-weighted tuning forks for Sound Therapy:


Sound therapy is a method of applying sound waves to facilitate positive change in the energetic and physical body, while guiding it back to a healthy vibration.

Exposure to sound waves can improve moods, reduce pain and facilitate healing.

More and more research is showing that people exposed to intentionally created sound report lowered stress levels, reduction in pain, less anxiety, tension, anger, and feelings of sadness. 

Sound healing can include listening to positively charged music, solfeggio tuned music and tones, and exposure to sound waves produced by specific instruments. It can also include chanting or listening to intentional words - mantra - as well as guided meditations and affirmations.

Try incorporating tuning forks, singing bowls, and music into your daily routine.

Anyone starting out with tuning forks can be easily confused by the terminology and various types of forks available. This introductory video from Omnivos Therapeutics will get you started. It answers some of your basic questions on selecting a tuning fork for sound therapy.


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