Blume Turmeric Blend



Meet the Blume best seller ~ the Turmeric Blend!  This golden milk is the perfect mix of super-spices to get your body feeling fine. Support your immune system, get that skin glow and soothe achey joints with this healing blend of proven superfoods.

Tastes like:

This blend is earthy, soothing and slightly gingery bright, warming and aromatic notes. Think Chai but more fly.


Boost milk, water, smoothies, oatmeal and more. Blend and enjoy hot or cold any time of day.

Vegan, Sugar Free, Caffeine Free, Organic 

125g = 25-35 servings

Get to know me!

I am...
The original Golden Mylk blend and best seller.

 I help...
Reduce inflammation, boost gut health and improve immunity.

 I support...
Your whole body (I am actually amazing).

 I naturally...
Relieve pain, soothe colds and reduce swelling. 


The perfecto cup!

Step one:
Add 1 tsp of your Blume mix to your cup or mug.

Step two:
Mix with a splash of hot water and blend until smooth.

Step three:
Add 1.5 cups of hot or cold milk and stir. 

Step four:
Sweeten with maple syrup and enjoy!


Add Blume blends to anything!

Add our blends to anything!

Think outside the milk carton. Blume blends are great for smoothies, soups, salad dressings and oatmeal bowls.

Organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic black pepper.

All Blume ingredients are ground which means better absorption of health benefits. Second benefit, more versatile. Go beyond brewed tea to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal and energy balls.

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