Blume Adaptogenic Milk Blend



The first-ever, adaptogenic milk concentrate. Plant-based, sustainably packaged and infused with Ayurvedic adaptogens for a creamy (barista-worthy) milk that’s ready when you are. This rich nut-milk from Blume contains over 10,000mg of a proprietary blend of reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, and chaga. Formulated to help you find centre and balance.

Creamy, nutty, slightly sweet, and ultra-smooth. Perfect for Blume lattes, cereal, cookie dunks, or spread on toast.


Vegan, Keto-Friendly, Zero-Waste, Barista Approved 


Add 1-2 tablespoons of Adaptogenic Milk Blend to 1 cup of water (hot or cold) in a blender.

Blend on high for 20-30 seconds and voila! You've got Bettermilk.

A rich and creamy nut milk infused with over 10,000mg of adaptogenic plant power. This milk concentrate is specially formulated to help you resist the negative effects of stress and find balance.

Ingredients: Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews, Organic Coconut, Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Reishi Powder, Organic Cordyceps Powder, Organic Chaga Powder, Organic Lion's Mane Powder. 
CONTAINS: Almonds, Cashews, and Coconut.
MAY CONTAIN: Peanuts, Other Tree Nuts.

We stone-mill our ingredients to maximize nutrition and taste. With over 500mg of adaptogens per serving, this travel-ready milk is the perfect addition to your daily ritual. Blend to use in cereal, smoothies, and lattes, or just have straight from the jar on crackers and apple slices. 

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