Bakerlita Pastel Pink Scrunchie


This must-have super comfy Pastel Pink Scrunchie from Bakerlita is a perfect addition to any outfit!

Wear this beautiful scrunchie any time of the day and during any occasion.

Bakerlita scrunchies are hand-crafted with high-quality light-weighted french linen fabric.



All Bakerlita Boutique linen items and Bakery goods are handmade and designed by Andrea Witthoeft, CEO and Founder of Bakerlita, in Langley, B.C. Canada.


"I chose the name Baker-Lita because "baking" is my calling, which is my work/vocation/avenue to use my gifts, talents and skills to bless and give back to a great world in need." ~ Andrea Whitthoeft


"BAKERLITA" emerged from a burning passion to see lives transformed by using an innovative approach in baking-to-bless one's inner self, not just taste buds!

"BAKER" to bake is to be co-partners with God; it is not only my great passion, but it is also the opportunity to educate, inspire and influence my community through the creativity of combining wholesome, natural ingredients, to nourish and heal your body, soul & spirit.

"LITA" means JOY! Baking brings me abundant joy and gladness, especially knowing that it blesses my customers, like YOU, and my friends and family. May you too, enjoy the blessings of my hands so that my joy may be complete!
“Bake The Bakerlita Way, Bake To Bless!”

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