The Ritual: 

Cosy up at your vanity and lay out your Gift Box treasures around your lit makeup mirror. Start by lighting your Kalmar Joy Candle and immerse your senses in it's invigorating aroma. Hold the candle close to your face, close your eyes, and inhale deeply while thinking about your favourite warm getaway spot. Next, comb your hair and run the Silk Labs comb gently over your scalp, to increase circulation, then throw your hair up (or back) into a loose bun and loop your A Bronze Age scrunchie twice around your hair for a loose beach-swept look and add your Perfect Hoops to complete the look. Close your eyes again and gently mist your face with MIFA's fresh Vitamin Sea Essence and feel the sweet sea breeze envelop your senses. Finally, open your eyes and apply a coat of the Ere Perez Mango Lip Honey for the finishing touch ~ and Voilà!