Meditations by Karen Ruimy, Founder of Kalmar Wellbeing, based on the four soul states JOY, PEACE, CALM, and LOVE.



“Only by realigning the mind, body and soul can we find peace within ourselves.”

- Karen Ruimy

Love is the foundation of all that we are, both individually and as a global community. It is a state of reflection, honour and sensuality; it allows hope, acceptance and respect to flourish. In our modern world, love for one another is perhaps the single most important force we have – it keeps us all united, facing forwards, together. And love begins, as all things do, with the self. 

In this gentle guided meditation, Kalmar founder @karenruimy will invite you to learn to receive and create love for yourself, and in so doing, to hold it for others. Take a seat, close your eyes, and turn your attention inwards. She will lead you as you inhale a soft pink energy and exhale the tension of your day. 

As this softness takes root and expands throughout your physicality, it will create a soothing cocoon around the body, allowing you to reconnect to Mother Earth, release judgement and tap into your inner voice. Leave feeling more compassionate, accepting and tender towards yourself, and others.




In this uplifting guided meditation, Kalmar founder, Karen Ruimy, will lead you to locate and tap into your own joy – a deep, present optimism. You’ll meet her in a luscious, verdant garden under a late summer sky. You’ll visualize a yellow ray of light emanating from your heart and circulating through your body, as you release the tension and anxiety you’re holding there, and instead welcome gratitude to illuminate your body from within. You’ll embrace your inner child, and let their laughter and contentment become the soundtrack to your day. Are you ready?

Wherever you find yourself today, allow yourself to be uplifted. The energy you manifest for yourself will radiate through you. You are worthy.



When we are filled with concern and confusion, taking a moment to reconnect to the Earth is vital. In this guided meditation, our founder Karen Ruimy will lead you deep into a luscious, verdant forest. Receive a vivid, nourishing green light into all of your chakras; breathe vitality into each cell of your body; release tension, and bring the peaceful energy of the Mother Earth into your day. 


When the world outside is teeming with stress and confusion, it isn’t always easy to keep our own energies in balance. In this guided meditation Kalmar founder, Karen Ruimy, will lead you to reconnect to your inner self, to find the peace, harmony and stability located there. You’ll step into a beautiful Provence garden at sunset; you’ll breathe the soothing scents of lavender and iris. Leave feeling calmer, lighter and more serene.


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