Ulili's fragrances are formulated with natural molecules and only the highest quality essential oils and ingredients are used. The Candles are made with natural vegetable and beeswax harvested from the foothills of the Anti Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco and are designed to continuously fill any space with the seductive and passionate scents of the region while reminding us of it's rich and sensual heritage.

Key Features: 

  • Burn time: 100g candle approximately 25 hours and 275g candle approximately 50 hours.
  • 97% Vegetable Wax & 3% Beeswax
  • Natural Cotton and Lead Free Wicks 
  • 100% recycled paper packaging.
  • Paraben Free, Preservative Free, Mineral Oil Free, Phthalate Free, Parrafin Free.



The Screen Printed Characters

Are illustrated by the artist Zineb Benjelloun.
Each one of the candles comes to life, inspired by the characters of a traditional Spanish card game played by several generations of Moroccans.

The Wax
Each Ulili candle is made with vegetal waxes and beeswax. All candles are paraffin free.
Ulili candles are designed to create a strong, yet delicate release of its fragrances as well as a harmonious melting of the waxes.

The Ceramics
Each piece undergoes several oven firings and hand manipulations for the lacquering and screenprinting. The crackles on our chalices are obtained thanks to "Raku", a japanese technique used in Pottery.


The Candles are available in 8 fragrances: M'goun, Tazarine, Oum Rabie, Musk e'Lil, El Arz, Lalla Mira, Talist, and Louisa