Somavedic Medic Cobalt has all the same features and properties as Somavedic Medic, plus benefits from the unique properties of the Cobalt crystal.

  • Cobalt - psyche support
  • Used in Egypt
  • Royal blue color (chakra of the third eye)
  • B vitamins protect nerve tissue and have a beneficial effect on the overall psyche

Trace amounts of cobalt are important for many living organisms, including humans. The concentration of several tenths of milligrams of cobalt per kilogram of soil has been shown to improve the health of grazing cattle. Cobalt is also part of one of the important members of the B vitamin group, vitamin B12.

This model is built on a strong and proven foundation of the Medic model. Its core has been enriched with additional stones, which have a positive influence on the psyche, intuition, and concentration. Cobalt should also help alleviate depressive states and mild psychological disorders. Men who work on their improved self-awareness will like this model.

Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, EMF, GPZ, viruses, bacteria, molds
Environment: Everywhere where there’s a need for the balanced psyche - family houses and apartment blocks, workplaces, office spaces, shops, etc.