About the brand Vitajuwel


Our family has lived in Southern Germany for more than ten generations. In midst of untouched nature, morning dew on shiny green grass, fog over the forest in the morning sun, crickets and frog sounds at mountain streams and glacier lakes. All of this in deep in our hearts and souls.

We grew up with the tradition of making “good water” with the help of gems. Putting shiny rocks in our carafes for lunch and dinner was an everyday habit.

At one of our famous family meals, back in 2007, one of us had a genius idea. Our father Ewald was simply tired of constantly having to clean the gems after they’ve been sitting in the water for a few days. No otherworldly vison or spiritual dream. Simple practicability. What followed was the interpretation of age-old recipe for pure water with a “fresh from the spring” quality and taste. Ewald’s method made it easy to prepare water hygienically, naturally, and sustainably – the VitaJuwel way.  

We have come a long way, from Ewald spending long nights designing the first Gemstone Vial, to a business that ships their products from Scheidegg, German to more than 60 distributors worldwide. From icy Norway to sunny South Africa, from Moscow to San Francisco. From Saskatoon to Beijing. More and more people believed in the VitaJuwel concept of creating Heavenly Water. That’s why we decided in 2013 to pioneer to California help our friends in the US connect with the spirit of living water made by VitaJuwel.

More than 10,000 customers every month purchase a VitaJuwel GemWater product. They trust our promise that we connect with all of our products: VitaJuwel will help you to fall in love with the water you drink! 

Jan & Daniel Eisen


Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

The non-profit association “Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.” aims for high goals of fair trade and the advancement of social and ecological projects. This way they strive to redefine the coexistence of all humans that are working with the rocks and minerals.


Gemmologically controlled by EPI

All of our gemstones carry the GKS-Seal The outstanding quality of our gemstones is contantly appraised by: Epi Institut in Offenburg and Lapis Vitalis in Ludwigsburg



Every year, plastic bottles are filled with 23.5 billion gallons of water. In the United States, there are 1,500 plastic bottles used per second! 80% of them are not recycled. Besides taking up space in landfills, plastic bottles are detrimental to our environment in another way: They are made from petroleum. More and more of our world's beautiful natural landscapes are being destroyed and polluted by drilling and fracking. Transporting bottled water over oceans and continents by planes, ships, trains, and trucks consumes vast amounts of energy and burdens our environment. Start with a small contribution to save the environment by using refillable glass bottles like our ViA . Also keep in mind: When you drink VitaJuwel GemWater, you're saving money by not buying bottled water and doing your part to save our environment.

Go Green Glass Drinking Bottles by VitaJuwel