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Pamela Card Unconquerable Sun Necklace


Designed as an ode to the Sun of Vergina - a 16 pointed solar symbol prominently appearing in ancient Greek art. The Unconquerable Sun necklace is carved by hand from wax with four rays that depict the four elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The surrounding rays represent the twelve gods of Olympus. Detailed with a trio of bails, this stylized coin from Pamela Card's Last Relics Collection boast elements of an extravagant past while appearing fractured and molten from years of wear.

Handmade in Card's Vancouver studio from 24K Gold Vermeil (which is 3 microns thick of 24K gold plated sterling silver).


Size & Fit: 

Coin measures 2.1cm in diameter.
Necklace measures 18” in length.

Her Story

Pamela Card travels the world to collect inspiration for her evolving, namesake jewelry collection. Paris was where her love of ancient jewelry began; however, it was while living in Turkey and travelling throughout Rome and Portugal that her love of jewelry as an art form came to actualization. Pamela was completely enthralled by the depth of history preserved within each village, encased in each museum, and displayed at each palace.

Galerie des Glaces, Château de Versailles, France | Summer 2013

A collection of jewelry that combines components of historic beauty with modern day sentiments.


With a deep appreciation of art and history, her designs embody the style of jewelry at a time period that bridges between Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman art. The collections focus on mixing elements of all the above periods to combine components of historic beauty with modern day sentiments. Blending tradition and timeless style, Pamela Card's designs consist of solid gold, and gold plated jewelry.

Jewelry designed without the sole focus of perfected symmetry.


Using the historic techniques of lost wax casting and hand forging, all pieces are designed and produced locally in Pamela's studio in Vancouver, B.C.

By using ancient practises like lost-wax casting and hand forging, Pamela is able to design with a completely hands-on approach to her work. As the collections do not focus solely on the perfected symmetry of jewelry, Pamela uses more exploratory techniques to play and experiment and concentrates on coming up with more artistic and sculptural designs.

The collections oppose mass production and instead promote the beauty of ancient craft and focus on it’s longevity.


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